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Mie Tachibana @ LJ

lemme inject potassium in your life

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Mie Tachibana
15 February
Call me Mie, welcome to my...um...dumpsite of ideas. facebook.com/mippu.tachibana is where you can get to know me better and you can contact me there too.

In case you're wondering, I'm Mie Tachibana (hence the Touchy Banana thing). Me and my two sisters Aimi and Maki are Arashi/Kanjani8/JE fans. You can get to know us at touchy-banana.blogspot.com too.

You may know Temper Tantrum here, she introduced me to everything I'm on LJ for.

I haven't got the hang of this site, so please go easy on me if my stuff seem really crappy. I guess that means you can get a laugh out of it.

I write and I do editing services if you're open-minded enough for input. I draw a lot as well and I love voice acting. You can hear me at soundcloud.com/lorchenne

I play Skyrim a lot too. Fallout once in a while. DanceDance Revolution and Tekken when I have energy

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